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Ronald Story, Amherst, Massachusetts

In “The Terrible Vision”, the eminent artist Margaret Taylor recounts her realization that the great live oaks she played near as a girl represents not just the beauty of nature but also, since live oaks commonly served as “hanging trees” in the South, the horrors of lynching. A particularly moving…

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William Zimmer, New York City

Amherst, Massachusetts, where Margaret Jean lives, was the whole world to Emily Dickinson. Jean the 19th century poet very much and has paid homage to her by creating a boxed edition of landscape etchings to accompany less familiar Dickinson poems. But Amherst is not Jean’s only universe. Each year, for…

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Holland Cotter | New York Arts Journal

Margaret Taylor's show at 47 Bond Street Gallery serves as a showcase for an artist working ambitiously and with admirable success in a broad disciplinary spectrum which includes works in pencil, oil, charcoal and etching. Of these media one might logically expect the oils and charcoals to be the softest.…

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